Budapest-based venture capital and private equity firm which is part of the OTP Group, one of the largest banking groups in the CEE region, provides companies with a stable financial background to facilitate their successful entry to the market and their international expansion.

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For early stage companies developing digital and FinTech solutions, who are looking for an investment partner offering capital to finance organizational development and market entry.

Private Equity

For advanced, revenue-generating, typically profitable companies without sectorial limits seeking partnerships for international growth, partial or total exit of founders.


  • 2020-11-16

Significant move in the regional venture capital market – PortfoLion’s start-up investment Banzai Cloud Ltd. to be acquired by Cisco

Budapest, 16.11.20. – PortfoLion Capital Partners, a key venture capital firm focused on the CEE region, confirms news about Cisco’s intent to acquire substantially all of Banzai Cloud’s assets. Banzai Cloud is known for its pioneering achievements in the field of cloud-based container system management. Founded in Hungary, Banzai Cloud was funded in two rounds […]

  • 2020-10-20

PortfoLion to launch HUF 25 bln private equity fund

Eximbank and OTP Bank are set to launch Regional Private Equity Fund II, with HUF 25 billion of starting capital provided equally by the two companies, according to a press release by OTP Group member PortfoLion, the company which will manage the new fund.

  • 2020-04-27

PortfoLion VC’s COVID-Proof Pitch Night

As one of the largest venture capital and private equity management firms in the CEE region, PortfoLion VC continuously seeks startup companies with innovative, scalable solutions and agile teams to partner up with them and to invest in Seed & Series A rounds. On the 8th of May, the fund management firm organises its first […]


OTP Digital Fund

The OTP Digital Fund is seeking promising early stage companies in FinTech and digital technologies from the CEE region. The ideal candidate has already found product-market fit and is seeking funds for business model validation, product improvement and business development.

PortfoLion Regional Fund

The PortfoLion Regional Fund was pursuing investment opportunities among medium enterprises that operate mostly in Hungary and had at least 3-5 years business history. The fund intended to support companies that had a committed management, a promising business model, a well-established product and client base and were also open for new partners to exploit further market opportunities.

PortfoLion Green Fund

The Fund established at the end of 2018 primarily intends to acquire a majority stake in companies engaged in agricultural activities or in food processing and agri-related industries. It has a starting fund size of HUF 10 billion.

OTP Venture Capital Fund I.

The OTP Venture Capital Fund I. focused on innovative start-up companies and businesses in operation for less than five years, or business opportunities meeting the same criteria, which had the potential to achieve a competitive edge through their unique business activities and novel approaches. Ideal targets, therefore, were believed to be capable of achieving dynamic international expansion in their relevant markets.

OTP – DayOne Seed Investment Fund

The Fund sought early startup projects and companies both domestically and abroad that are characterized by a focus on innovation, a capacity for building up a high level of professional knowledge and an innovative and unique business idea.

Our team

András Molnár
Jenő Nieder, CFA
Deputy CEO
Mihály Horváth
Green Fund – Investment Director
Miklós Bónis
Green Fund – Investment Director
Tibor Győrbiró
Private Equity – Investment Director
Gábor Pozsonyi
Péter Naszrai
Zsolt Mihály
Senior Analyst
Bence Gergely
Márk Pálfalvi
Csaba Kákosy, Oncompass
György Simó
Codecool, Starschema
Judit Bassa
Head of Office
Nikoletta Hadháziné Mráz
Administration Assistant

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