OTP – DayOne Seed Investment Fund

The Fund was looking for projects and companies that were in a very early, so-called „seed” stage. The Fund sought projects and startups in the CEE region that were in the initial phase with an innovation focus, were capable of building up a high level of professional knowledge and had an innovative and unique business idea. These startup companies had to come up with a business plan or development plan that included their idea of how that equity will attract new investors for follow-up investment at a higher valuation, or result in a successful buyout in a few years’ time.

OTP – DayOne

Investment period
2013 – 2018
Company Phase
Fund size
HUF 1.3 billion
Geography focus
Central and Eastern Europe
Investment policy
Innovation-oriented, early stage startups in the CEE region, preferably with the involvement of an international co-investor
Investment size
HUF 50 – 100 million
Holding period
3-5 years
Number of portfolio companies


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Head office:
MOM Park Building B 5th Floor
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