Private Equity

PortfoLion is looking for companies with at least 3 to 5 years business history that already have revenue and an established business model. Special emphasis is put on the ambition of international expansion, in which PortfoLion can be the financial investor partner for the company. If the current investors or the founders themselves are forced to exit for some reason, we can also be partners in a buyout process. In addition, we are assisting the dynamic development of companies through professional expertise and an extensive international network of contacts.

What kind of information is required for contacting PortfoLion?

We kindly ask you to send us a presentation which includes the brief overview of the company’s business activities, the size of the required capital, the indication of the planned usage of the received funds along with the preliminary schedule, and the short introduction of the key members of the management team.

At what point should PortfoLion be contacted?

Typically, in the venture capital and private equity industry 2-6 months pass between the first contact and the closing of the investment process. During this period of time each party introduces itself, they discuss their plans and goals, the business planning process is completed, a due diligence report is created on the company’s past activities, which is followed by the negotiation of the contract and finally signing and closing take place. Thus, it is recommended to take the lead time of the process into consideration when deciding about the schedule of the equity needs in order to avoid a breakdown in the development path.

What does the cooperation with PortfoLion look like?

Why is PortfoLion the suitable investment partner for you?

As a financial investor backed by the strong financial background of the OTP Group, PortfoLion primarily provides equity financing to companies to fund their exponential growth. Secondly, PortfoLion’s staff, in accordance with the interests of both parties, strives to support companies with its professional competence and international network of contacts for the sake of shared success. Thanks to PortfoLion, we are able to finance successfully growing businesses through several funding rounds. Therefore, through the development of corporate phases, we have the capacity to be a stable partner for our portfolio companies during various stages.

What are the key sectors from which PortfoLion is looking for applications?

PortfoLion welcomes applications for funding from all sectors, with the exception of for real estate investment.

What is the typical size of investments?

In case of mature businesses we usually invest up to HUF 2 billion.

You can find details about our currently open fund here.

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